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Philosophy Conferences


-- The Concept of God, 8th december 2017, Rome

-- Moral Responsibility, November 2017, Roma, 15th January 2018, Roma,

-- Cosmological Arguments from Contingency, October 2017, Tor Vergata, Roma

-- Diachronic Personal Identity, Badin, Slovakia, 2017

-- Probabilistic Models and Free Decision to Act. MIT, Cambridge, July 2015.

-- Workshop: Cosmological Arguments for the existence of God, Bratislava, September 2015.

-- Jesuit Pedagogy, Philosophy, and Trnava University. October 6th, 2014. Trnava University in Trnava.

-- Genealogy of Moral Responsibility; Conference Freedom, Determism and Responsibility. Philosophical conference of the Society for Christian Philosophy in the Czech and Slovak Republic, in CESKE BUDEJOVICE, September 15th to 16th, 2014.

-- Causal Influence of the Free Will on the Behavior of a Dualistically Understoon Person. (D. Pereboom, P. van Inwagen, Swinburne); Olomouc, September 2014.

-- Immortality of Human Soul. Group "Science, Education, and Culture" at the Bishop Conference of Slovakia. (Rada pre vedu, vzdelanie a kultúru pri Konferencii biskupov Slovenska.) Bratislava
(Slovakia), 23. 6. 2014.

-- Why God Created the World So Bad. Ružomberok (Slovakia), 3. 12. 2013, Catholic University of Slovakia.

-- Lʼinizio dellʼuniverso: lʼArgomento cosmologico kalam. Convegno di Ricerca, 11. Ottobre 2013, PUG, Rome, Italy.

-- Fede, esperienza religiosa e garanzia epistemica nella recente filosofia analitica della religione. Pontificia Università Lateranese. Convegio: Fede teologale e pensiero filosofico, 21. Giugno 2013. X. Sipmosio internazionale dei docenti universitari: La culture dinanzi a Dio.

-- Divine Knowledge and Foreknowledge in Thomas Aquinas. Ružomberok (Slovakia), Philosophy Faculty, Catholic University, 8.2. 2013.

-- The Problem of Evil. Banská Bystrica (Slovakia), 2012.

-- The Modal Argument for Dualism by Richard Swinburne. Prague (Czech Republic), 2012.

(Slovakia), 2012,

(Czech Republic),

Ceske Budejovice
(Czech Republic),

(Czech Republic), 2008, Transcendental Thomism and Bernard Lonergan SJ. (Transcendentálny tomizmus a Bernard Lonergan SJ.)

Bratislava (Slovakia), 2007, Theology faculty of Trnava University: Scientific and other explanations. (Vedecké a ine vysvetlenia)

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