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Nantes, France

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August 1-18, 2017

Nantes (1-8)

2 - City of Nantes, Machecoul, Les Moutiers (en Retz), Pornic

(La Fleche, Saint Nazaire, )

3 - La Flèche - R. Descates (1596–1650) attended the Royal College Henri IV,

The Prytanée National Militaire, originally Collège Royal Henry-Le-Grand or Collège Henri-IV de La Flèche, is a French school managed by the military, offering regular secondary education as well as special preparatory classes, equivalent in level to the first years of university, for students who wish to enter French military academies. The school is located in western France in the city of La Flèche. At first founded in 1604 by the King Henri IV the school was given to the Jesuits in the aim to "instruct the young people and make it fall in love of sciences, honor and virtue, in order to be able to serve". It then became the "Prytanée" wanted by Napoléon in 1800. (More)

D. Hume (1711–1776) wrote A Treatise of Human Nature in La Flèche in 1737.

Chateau Royal de Durtal


Cholet, Port St Pere, Saint Naraire

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